Three Easy Ayurvedic Practices | Ayurveda


Ayurveda provide suggestions for almost everything: foods to eat, times to eat, how much to eat, what type of yoga to do, when to do it... and on it goes. Often people new to this philosophy try to incorporate everything all at once, and then naturally, become overwhelmed and frustrated. What often isn't emphasized is that this system offers guidelines, not rules, on how to live an optimally balanced life. Creating consistent with even a few practices can lead to incredibly shifts. Like with yoga, regular practice and patience is much more important than how much you do.

Here are three areas you and focus that all bare incredible results for your body and mind:

Nourish Yourself with Good Food: Simple rule. Try to eat foods made by Mother Nature and not Monsanto (aka. foods those are clean, non-GMO and organic when possible). It's much more difficult to overeat truly natural foods, and they are abundant in bio-available nutritional elements.

Keep All the Moving Parts Moving: Transformation and change is constant in the body. Physical exercise and movement improves circulation, aids in detoxification and helps to cultivate a feeling of lightness and stability. It also helps that daily exercise is one of the most powerful anti-aging activities that connects your heart and brain.

Regulate Your Senses: Don’t let your senses take you for a wild ride. According to Ayurveda sensory overuses/abuse is the first stage to create any imbalance and disease. It creates mental fatigue and makes you more prone to make unconscious decisions. Regulating sensory cravings creates stability, which is most important for making life-nourishing choices. A daily practice of meditation goes a long way to this end.