6 Ways to Practice Mindful Eating

At one point or another, nearly everyone I work with mentions the challenges of mindful eating. From busy schedules and on-the-go "meals" to technological distractions to the awkwardness of eating with others as we seemingly take five minutes for each bite, eating mindfully can be a difficult practice. And yet, it is one that most people who are interested in meditation, yoga—any form of holistic heath and body awareness—want to develop.

Choosing a Meditation Practice: What's the Difference and How do You Choose What's Best for You?

If you've looked into meditation within the past five or six years, you've likely noticed that there appear to be many types with differing instructions, focus, posture, etc. I, too, have observed this and have been approached by an increasing number of people wanting to know how to choose what's best for them. So what's the deal?

Avoiding Ourselves (and How Not To)

It's funny to imagine our lives as something we spend a lot of time avoiding, because it seems like that would be impossible to do. Our lives consist of everything we engage in, from showering to sleeping, but also a lot of busy work that distracts us and keeps us from looking at our lives. Experiencing our life from the inside means taking time each day to simply be alone and quiet in l. Many of us are so out of practice that it's almost unnerving to have a moment to ourselves. As a result, we may have stopped trying to carve out that time to take a seat at the center of our lives. 

Meditation for Beginners

Let's take a moment to first get clear on what meditation really is. The term "meditation" can refer to any process that leads you to an inner state of relaxed awareness. There needn't be any big mystery or drama about the process itself, and there's really no right or wrong way of doing it. There are simply different techniques that can be used as tools to help you focus and quiet your mind.