Restore / Balance Within

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Restore / Balance Within


This programs offers and introduction to Ayurveda as it best serves your unique needs and lifestyle. It is designed to help you create a daily rhythm that best aligns with your constitution and core desires. It recommended for addressing one specific health concern or desired change.

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Beginning with an in-depth consultation, we will dive into the underlying imbalances of your body type (dosha), listening deeply to your health history and concerns, and emerge with a customized wellness plan suited to target the root cause of specific imbalances. Best of all, we will explore how to integrate this new protocol into your life during follow up sessions so that it becomes easily adoptable and sustainable. 



  • In-depth assessment of your dosha (mind-body type)
  • Complete health in-take including pulse & tongue analysis
  • Dosha-balancing diet and nutrition information
  • Seasonal recipes and grocery shopping guide
  • Herbal supplement and massage oil recommendations
  • Sustainable & nourishing daily self-care practices
  • Personalized stress management techniques
  • Constitution-specific yoga, breathwork and meditation guides
  • Intuitive healing journal exercises
  • Check-ins and support 


Please complete and submit intake forms a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment. 

Note: Payment by credit card (via Stripe), Paypal, or Venmo is requested to book an appointment. If your appointment is cancelled a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will receive a full refund. Any rescheduling after that time will incur 25% fee. Please send any late cancellation notices to All forms and payment must be completed to confirm booking.