Elemental Alchemy

restore balance within

Through personalized wellness services and handcrafted Ayurvedic products, Elemental Alchemy is a pathway for self-healing. By awakening you to your own innate wisdom of transformation and healing, it serves as the compass guiding you on your journey towards sustainable health.

At the core of each Elemental Alchemy offering is self-awareness — the foundation for the physical healing, emotional balance, and adaptable daily habits we seek. 

Understanding that health is an ongoing process rather than a state of being, each offering aims to reconnect clients with their innate resources — the body’s instinctive alchemy — that already holds the energy, intelligence and understanding necessary for optimal health and wholeness.

In our world of abundant information, rather than looking outside of oneself for instruction — a loop that’s confusing, complex, and disconnected from self — Elemental Alchemy serves as a reminder that vitality flows from trusting the wisdom within.



About the Founder

Sachi created Elemental Alchemy to support those navigating their way towards optimal mind-body health.



 Coaching Programs / 

Rediscover complete health by connecting with your natural rhythms and cultivating awareness for what nourishes your body and makes you thrive.

Workshops & Trainings /

Whether the quest for truth, understanding or happier living,  self-development is the common thread in all personal paths, the root of their unfolding.

Facilitated Experiences /

Sachi frequently speaks at conferences, festivals and intimate gatherings where she shares her perspective on the balance between information and wisdom, and creates rich experiences that allow participants to connect to their own inner alchemist. + Tea & RitualElemental Card Readings and more...

Urban Retreats /

Without traveling far, get away from the noise of the day-to-day to reconnect, restore and align your mind-body with daily & seasonal rhythms. Enjoy immersive experiences throughout the weekend and leave with skills to carry into your day-to-day life.