Taste (Rasa): Sweet, Bitter
Energetics (Virya): Cooling
Doshic Effects: Balancing for Vata and Pitta

Benefits & Use: Shatavari contains natural phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors that help women to maintain a healthy reproductive system and optimum energy. These hormones play an important role in a woman's long term health, preventing heart disease and osteoporosis. As a sweet, cooling, nourishing, and soothing herb in Ayurveda it is considered be the best general tonic for women, clinically proven to promote fertility, strengthen the uterus, regulate menstruation, promote the flow of breastmilk, assist in recovery from childbirth and alleviate many symptoms of the menopause. It is also known to eliminate the Candida bacteria, so it can be a helpful remedy for thrush. Shatavari therapeutic benefits also include isoflavones, soluble fibers, and complex sugars that help digestion and fight against heartburn and colitis. As a digestive aid, Shatavari coats and soothes the mucus membranes with its unctuous and sweet qualities, making this herb ideal for supporting the natural balancing of acidic digestion and promoting a healthy inflammatory response in the intestines. It is a slow acting plant remedy so it should be used over a period of time for full effect.

Additional Uses: Diarrhea; stress; water weight;  stomach ulcers; hyperacidity; bronchitis; chronic fevers; peristalsis

In the Kitchen: Shatavari can be taken as a powder, tablet or liquid extract.

Shatavari Golden Milk


  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp of shatavari powder
  • 1 cup of milk 
  • 1 tsp of ghee
  • honey to taste


  • Bring the milk to a simmer.
  • Add in turmeric, shatavari, and ghee and stir.
  • Once the ingredients have dissolved into the milk, remove from stove.
  • Add honey and enjoy.

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